Coffee Cups, Christians and Crazy Ideas


The current outrage surrounding the change up of the Holiday cups at Starbucks has left me somewhat baffled.  If you live in a cave and don’t know what I am referring to; apparently Starbucks has taken all of the imagery off of their generally “Christmas Friendly” holiday cups and according to social media—if you’re a Christian—you’re supposed to be angry.  I am not sure why they changed the cups and to be quite honest I don’t really care; and neither should you.  If you are paying $5.00 for a cup of coffee while you cruise through town and your biggest concern in life is for the decoration (or lack there of) on your cup—

1. You are the luckiest person in the world who has

absolutely no problems in your life.


2. You are focusing on the wrong things in this world.

Did you know some people don’t have coffee or cups to drink it out of?  Some people don’t have enough money to buy a $1.00 cup of coffee and I assure you if they could round up the funds, forgive me, but they wouldn’t give a fat Santa’s ass what kind of cup it was in.

Homeless Coffee Drinker

As a Christian I am constantly discouraged by the things that tend to catch the attention of our tribe.  We get wrapped up about a cup and hashtag ourselves to death making sure the world knows we have issued our obligatory #MerryChristmasStarbucks tweet.  We line up to boycott Target because they won’t let The Salvation Army collect money on their front porch; but we fail to line up to help the people The Salvation Army serves.  We are appalled to see a soup commercial that depicts a family we may not want to see on a soup commercial; but we fail to be appalled when we see homeless folks living under a bridge who would love to have a bowl of soup. We feel compelled to protest things we think go against the teachings of Jesus Christ; but we fail to remember His desire for us to be His hands and feet and to serve those in need.

I recently became aware of an issue in a neighboring community when a friend of mine brought me up to date on an organization she works with to help provide meals to children.  It came to her attention a year or two ago that children from her son’s elementary school were coming back to class on Monday morning and complaining that they were hungry from the weekend.  After a bit of detective work she learned that several children in the school were going home to parents who were not able (for one reason or another) to adequately feed their families without assistance.  She went to work and very quickly formed “Backyard Blessings” so she could send food home with these children and now they send home baskets of food with children every Friday during the school year.  This is 2015 people.  We should not have hungry children in America (or anywhere else for that matter) in 2015.

Backyard Blessings1  Backyard Blessings2

Later this week my husband and I are attending an event for a charity called “Beds 4 Kids”.  They are committed to making sure all children have a bed to sleep in each night and they are doing wonderful and important work.  You might think they are raising funds to serve children who live in huts on the other side of the world but you would be wrong.  They are providing beds for children who live in Tennessee, Georgia and now Alabama. To date they have provided over 400 beds and currently have over 100 children on a waiting list.

Think about that while you sip your grande-non-fat-jingle-jangle-latte.


Trust me when I tell you that a child who is hungry and sleeps on a floor could not possibly care any less what’s written on your coffee cup.  My point in all of this is to remind everyone (myself included) that if you want to get worked up about something—get worked about something that really matters. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the pointless social media frenzy and mob mentality that seem to take over our society on a weekly basis.

I have a crazy idea. What if we as Christians refuse to focus on situations that don’t do one thing to help anyone have a better life (or even simply a better day) and put on our “Jesus Glasses” to see the things in our world that actually matter? What if we use our time and our voices to make a difference in someone’s life?  What if we seek to serve those around us without judgement, with a smile on our faces…. and love in our hearts?  We could volunteer at the homeless daycare center in town.  We could visit the local nursing home.  We could give our waiter an extra nice tip.  We could bake cookies and drop them off at the fire station or take a bag of groceries to the local food bank or even write a check to our charity of choice.  If we insist on involving Starbucks, we could pay for the car behind ours at the drive around window. We don’t have to march down the street in a crowd of angry protestors to make someone’s world a better place. We can’t all do great things but as Mother Teresa taught us; we can all do small things with great love.

In my opinion, you preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips…..or your coffee cup.

Click the links below to learn more about the charities mentioned above~

Backyard Blessings Logo   beds 4 kids 

2 thoughts on “Coffee Cups, Christians and Crazy Ideas

  1. I have somehow stumbled on to your blog and I am looking forward to reading every last one of your posts after I leave this comment. The Starbucks cups were left blank to honor the head cup design maker, who passed away this year from cancer. It was meant to be a tribute, but turned into a real stink. Very sad. I often feel like I am swimming against the tide, so this post really touched me.

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